Getting it together.

So I feel as if I need to explain or recap the first five days of the trip… then realizing it would be a daunting task, I’ll surrender that for another day. The pages that follow were written on a small touch screen phone, one of which linked myself to the comfort left behind.

Day 9. 
Orlando, FL | End: Griffin State Park, FL | Milage 426

Yes… an odd day to start this… yet time is only relevant as a whole. 
I said goodbye to the family once more as Dirk and I pushed north toward the panhandle. Mile by mile we gain a better grasp of the road and the life style it demands. The legs are not sore tonight, a new treat to a repetitive problem, but I cant say the same about my bum. Hitting the mark of about 70miles, we put our selves in a good position to make the run for Gainesville tomorrow. We will meet up with some friends and have a free place to crash, saving us some money. A couch sounds five star right now compared to the ground we have been tossing our sleeping pads on. Comfort and protection from the masses of blood sucking mosquitos is a nice thought, plus, saving the much needed cash will feed this starving guy.
The night is young and the mosquitos are becoming restless as they try to enter the tent. Even the occasional moth hits the fabric at full speed and tumbles down the rain fly, laughing as I tease with the light of my phone. What’s to come in the following days, I’m not sure. Pointing toward a town on a map was our method, getting there, a whole different story.


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