Never hurts to ask…

Day11. Gainesville, FL
 | End: Branford, FL | Milage 531.3

Waking up after a nap, we noticed the rain had finished and the storm had made itself known, waiting an hour or so since the first crack of thunder under a closed concession building. Eager to swim on such a hot day we made it to a state park off highway 27 thirty minutes before the storm. With an interesting morning, not due to the drinking that occurred the night prior; we got a late start to the day… maybe just too much good hospitality.

Entering the town of Branford after being chased down by a storm, we took a gamble and decided not to press on toward Mayo. After a couple nods and shakes of the head between Dirk and I, it was decided I would ask the agricultural police for some info, sitting in his roadside inspection station. I walked in and out with a smile and a kick in the step… turns out the officer called in to the mayor of Branford gaining us permission to camp in a community recreational area. Score for Marcus! No tent is needed for tonight. With the shelter we gained, the mosquito repellent is our only friend, drenching it on like I’m winning a wet t-shirt contest.

The night was at it’s darkest with a slight breeze, finally keeping the insects at bay. Passing without a clue of my presence, animals wander the park for scraps left behind by fishermen. I scare the feral cat and the roaming dogs away, but only to ease my mind while hearing the pattering of feet from the dark. It wouldn’t be nice to wake up and have these guys nibbling on the face.

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