Day 16 Ponce De Leon FL. | End: Milton FL. | Mileage 818.5

So I thought we would have been out of Florida by now… kind of assumed, but now disappointed. We are now on our last bit of Florida making the biggest backwards “c” through the state that we can possibly make.
We are happy. I am excited; putting a state behind us will be a big moral boost.

Refreshed from a good nights rest and the motivation to get out of hick-vil. We made our way into town. Crestview was our first hurdle of the morning. The weather had moved in and we were looking to get hit hard. When…. I didn’t know. I knew we had a low-pressure system on the south and the next two days would be rough. Sure enough before we made foot into town, a huge storm cell moved in from the gulf. Dirk and I booked it, catching the pockets of west moving air, we sailed what we could of a tailwind. We cycled until I knew the moment we had to find shelter and couldn’t keep the pace. I pushed us right on the brink of this rain curtain when the lighting was violent and too close for comfort, so bright the road would light up through my barely visible sunglasses. At the moment of retreat I spotted a neighborhood. Dirk made his way to a house porch, one of which was vacant and for sale and I stood under someone’s garage. It was one of those outside garages like a carport.

The minute the lightning was off in the distance we jumped back out and just let the rain do it’s thing, all six hours of it. Miles and miles of wet soggy shoes, soaked socks and wet clammy clothes… they are the worst… a soggy butt.My ipod kept my sanity as we trudged through the wet asphalt. Listening to some music calmed the nerves and paced the ride. We made it this far, tomorrow hopefully new non-Florida stuff… if I didn’t already jinx it.

So much to eat… so much sleep to catch up on. Wrote tonight so I wouldn’t have to double up dates again…. if it wasn’t for that… on man… I would have been asleep a long time ago.


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