Day 17. | Milton FL. | End: Loxley AL. | Mileage 869.7

Crossing the Alabama line we were tired yet beyond excitement. Florida is finally over and behind us… but it didn’t go lightly. While we were heading out on highway 90, a wrong turn cost us hours. We ended up going south, not the direction I wanted to go and threw off the day’s goal completely.
We ended the day not getting to Mobile. The highway loses its shoulder and with all the traffic, it was safer to stay in Loxley. Some people are friendly… don’t get me wrong most are rude, but the few people we managed to talk to, make up for the rest with great conversation. Amongst talking we rode into the only open hotel in town. Used to the dirt and gravel of the typical night in the tent, any hotel was adequate. I soon ate my words are Dirk started yelling and bitching about something in the restroom. While brushing his teeth and taking advantage of a warm shower, he leads on the sink to only force a syringe from a hiding spot underneath.  I bust out laughing and we both start checking the bed to make sure we don’t sleep on a hidden needle. Sketched out and exhausted, all we could do is sleep and get out.


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