Up and downs…


Day 20. | Wilmer AL. | End: Hattiesburg MS. | Milage 997.4

Heavy dew cloaked the bikes, tent and even the clothes I wore to sleep. The light fog burning off in the morning sun and the promise of a dry morning makes my mood a little more optimistic. The night was much the same, strange hours of waking up and the occasional slap from Dirk telling me I am snoring like a beast. If I sound meaner than most animals, it may scare them from the tent.
Only meters from the border, we enter Mississippi with ease and optimism. We approach the welcome sign and snap a picture. Noticing my camera is just foggy as hell… I stuff it back in the bag and make due with what it captured. All the moisture from the temp change just made my camera’s life a little harder but no biggie. Stopped at the watering hole, “gas station” we grab refreshments. Sitting on the curb I see some people want to talk, others stare and walk by as if we were covered in shit and smelled. I look around and then smell my self…. nope, not me.
From this point on, what used to be a shoulder turned back into the circus tight rope challenge. We literally had 6 inches of room to ride, while the traffic flowed beside us. That white line that we love so much, couldn’t even be touched for there are a series of rumble strip patterns blocked us out. Forgetting and shaking the shit out of my bike, I lost my back up pair of cycling shorts… I swear if I lose one more thing. The entire length of highway 98 from the border had this mess.
We found ourselves at another station grabbing a drink when this pretty good size storm peeked over the trees to the south. Packing it in and throwing the rain coats on, I figured we can out run the storm, maybe hitting one rain curtain at most. As we moved west the storm approached, moving northeast. As the lightning began to intensify and the sky opened up, we were well out front. Muaaahahaha. As the trucks passed, the spray from their windshield wipers was the only trace of rain we received from that system.
A faint meow was catching our ears are we waited out another storm we couldn’t outrun. We turned into this little church and upon entering it noticed two small kittens dead, like they were rubbish and tossed there. Right away we find the sibling of the other two and feed it some chicken off my sandwich. We named it Alaska after squeezing and playing with the cute little guy, or girl… idk. Dirk grabs his camera bag and makes a kitten bike seat before leaving. Making it to the truck stop, this over active kitten found a new home, jumping and running all over the benches. Jennifer saw us struggling to make a cat box so we can take it to the shelter and said she can take Alaska to find a home. I am happy to see we saved a kitten and make it off “Bloody 98” all in one piece.

The sound of the frogs and crickets will drown out the road once again as I lay here in the dark.


2 responses

  1. Adam

    This is pretty much amazing, I’ll read every post with hopeful anticipation of the next.

    06/03/2010 at 01:26

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