Ride to rest.

Day 21. | Hattiesburg MS. | End: Collins MS. | Mileage 1016.1

2 am I wake up with to the regular morning chills that seem to find its way into the tent. Going to sleep sweating in this southern humidity to only wake up to find a shirt or anything to use as a blanket, kills me. Too lazy to find a shirt I decided to just use my sleeping mat. It must have been the most ridiculous sight to see. Hiding under this flat one inch thick mat like a cockroach, it did little to keep me warm but smashing my face into the corner of the tent was the solution.
The morning was another zombie like movement. Tired and with less than a cup of water each, we just pushed north for another 18 miles. The next town was promising with its network of highway crossings. Our watering hole would be near and allow us to make the next gap with enough supplies. We were set on making it a short day, heading just far enough to find a cheap motel and sleep the rest of the day, wake up eat and sleep some more. Giving the legs a rest after days of constant peddling is a priority. Getting some laundry business done and calling home, it was a chance to regain contact with life back home.


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