The trials.

Day 23. | Vicksburg MS. | End: Delhi LA. | Mileage 1163.2

Mississippi was out to get us. Sure we were used to the occasional rain at night and  the scramble out of the tent to put the rain cover on routine. This time though, the rain never really stopped. We woke up to a nice wet storm first thing in the morning, soaking everything, our clothes, shoes and even our hopes of a good morning of sightseeing.
Vicksburg is a historical town to say the least. The last Confederate strong hold during the Civil War was in these hills. On one side, the Mississippi river supplied the soldiers while the hills gave them a great defense, a great advantage. We checked out the old memorials and watched a live demonstration with canons igniting blank charges. I had fun roaming around, but my mind was more preoccupied with the minor problem we faced in Vicksburg.

The only way across the river was either take a detour and ride south sixty miles or hitch a ride on this interstate. Like the problem we faced entering Mobile, no bicycles were permitted on the bridge for it was an interstate. So we put on our game faces and pursued a ride into Louisiana. Checking gas stations for pick up trucks and peering into parking lots, any vehicle that can carry the bikes was the target.
We managed to meet some nice people in a old antique store along the river. Talking led to a somewhat of a panic between the older ladies. They seemed to call everyone they knew in town to set us up with a ride. They must have called someone just right for we were Louisiana bound! This was no ordinary ride though, any other time this would be the worst ride of your life, but today we scored a ride with a local deputy officer. Beyond excited we hopped in and said goodbye to Mississippi, Vicksburg and those crazy chasing dogs.
We started down highway 80, a road that seemed to never end. It runs the length of interstate 20 all through Louisiana yet was only occupied with a handful of drivers, mainly those whom commute to and from their farms. I thought I would never say this but… I miss the hills. With a road so flat, so straight and without any landmarks, one can only grasp reality for so long. With nothing for the mind to concentrate on, obstacles to watch out for and turns to cut, madness seems to set in. Not to mention some of the worst wind since the Florida Keys, we seemed to only crawl along. I tried not to look forward, keeping my eyes on the ground or up in the sky was my remedy. Watching birds attack each other, caterpillars bravely crossing the black tar desert and stopping to turn turtles back into the water helped the time fly.
Thirsty, hungry and tired we mad it to the state park just two miles outside of town. Now it is not the sound of crickets nor mosquitoes that bother us. The trains in the distance blast their horns and the footsteps of bunnies creep all around the tent. The most dangerous of creatures, bunnies.


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