One way window.

Day 26. | Shreveport LA. | Mileage 1317.2

Finally the opportunity to find a proper keyboard. The precision typing required to post from the touch screen cell phone I just obtained, really makes a paragraph worth every word. A well-constructed sentence to push the point with out the artistic flow is a boring, stagnant jumble of words.

It feels good to finally see my father again. A year without seeing the old man makes this reunion fun and special. I will not be staying put for seven weeks like last time, working alongside him in the heat of the construction site. Two days… two days to say hi and bye as we make our way into east Texas. The journey is still young. Still in its developing stages, taking its toll on us. As my body adjusts to the life on the road, tossing and turning on a proper bed becomes a nighttime dance. Waking up at first light to only realize I can sleep in is… well, unnatural. Something that is welcomed yet seems wrong in our typical schedule.

Many things to do and not do today. A day for relaxing because of a night spent working. I almost feel as if I have slipped back into my life in Orlando, consumed by the computer, draining every bit of energy.

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