I was tired 30 miles back.

Day 33.
 | Durant OK.
 | End: Paul’s Valley OK. | Mileage 1680

The day started like every other, an exception with our early start, yet like always something seems to go wrong. After a night spent in the laundry room, a cold one but non the less a dry night, we repaired a flat and headed out in search of a bike shop. For the past 150ish miles Dirk and I have been pushing our bikes to the brink of destruction. One wrong bump or obstruction in the road, we would’ve wound up stranded thumbs out. With the intense heat and weight of the packs, our tires were giving up. Tearing at the threads and looking like a horror flick. We almost wanted to let them go and see how long we can continue and have a laugh just to say we pushed the tires all the way to the end. Again I blew a spoke on the rear tire and watched the wobble grow, thinking to myself, I just got it repaired in Shreveport and this is getting ridiculous. 
Besides the set backs, we were have a glorious morning. The early start was refreshing with an over-cast sky. The sun couldn’t touch us as we pushed north on highway 70. The road was kind to us; a huge shoulder with barely any gravel on the lane let us have a comforting ride. Watching the landscape change as we cut through the state felt great, something new to see and hold my attention. This is where the day without warning turns on us like a hungry dog. That bike shop we were heading to in that town that we specifically chose the night before, the place I found and said would be perfect, ended up to be the worst idea ever. Not only am I kind of annoyed that it was going to be a short day, some 55 miles, but the shop was all the way on the east side of town. The sun, just blistering hot by now, cooks you alive if you are found standing. So we kept pedaling and navigated through the town to only find this run down little shop, CLOSED… wtf. Taking a peek into the six-foot window, all I can see is a few old bikes, dolls and a key cutting machine. I am livid. All this way… all this time for this. 
Heads hanging low, we pressed on. Having set our sights on the next town… then the next… then followed by another, we thought we would never find a place to camp. No matter how far down we went, we seemed to find nothing. Stopping at a Sonic to eat, we decided our last resort was to call a motel. With rates as high as the mountains, we jumped on the bikes and made another run, forget that. It was now dusk and one of the worst times to ride. We put all our reflective gear on and hauled ass to a bigger town with a little more promise. On the way we always seem to attract the dogs. As I am some distance behind Dirk, playing catch up because I have to take a picture of everything, I see this mass of black making a b-line to Dirk. I yelled at this hound and it stopped him in his tracks. The next dog along the way happened to be a young puppy and that I’m fine with. After he gave chase, we slowed down and returned him to the pack of kids that were looking for him. The lights at the bottom of the hill marked the end, like light to flies, I was just mesmerized. Dirk bargained rates and got us the best price on a room we have seen all day, only thing was getting our bikes all the way up 2 flights of stairs. I made my phone calls, drowned in some mountain dew and charged my camera.

2 responses

  1. Sunny

    you should contact Subway for some sponsorship what with all the subway you guys are eating 🙂 You two could be the next Jerrod!

    06/18/2010 at 16:20

  2. Cathy

    Thank goodness! I was getting bored waiting on the next installment and have checked back several times for a post. Actually, Mom-like, I was getting a little worried…..lol. Get some rest and cool off if you can. We’ll wait patiently on the next post. = )

    06/16/2010 at 16:39

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