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Day 34. | Paul’s Valley OK. | Norman OK. | Mileage 1722.1

Once you fall behind it is like an up hill battle to regain ground. Pedaling hard enough to continue the pace, yet adding the extra bursts of energy to close the gap really takes a toll.
So it is safe to say day 33 through 34 has been some of the most jam-packed days in a while. With a mess of good and bad, the days seem to last for ever, stretching back so far I could swear it was all last week.
Waking up to the hum of the AC I began the same morning routine at 7am, the sound of the tv blasting in the background. Packing bags and eating my normal 400-calorie morning snack, we set off for Norman. A college town just south of Oklahoma City where the promises of finding a legit bike shop was high. This heat is becoming relentless as we make our way through the plains. Though I am becoming better at preparing myself and cycling through it, the mental abuse is always different. Now on highway 77, we coast on the southerly wind making great time. Always smirking at some of the town names such as Slaughterville OK… I stay entertained easily. At every watering hole, our bikes always invite curious onlookers. The same questions asked and the same reactions when they hear our response.
1. Where are you guys going?
2. Where did you start?
3. What the Hell are you thinking?
And another question that seems to find It’s way out of someone’s mouth, “how do you afford this?” … a reasonable question, yet with certain body language this one can come off rather annoying. With a quick response such as, we worked our asses off, they are satisfied. If someone wants to see the world, I believe they should just get up and do it.

With Norman in sight, we were anxious for a long awaited break. Finally I can feel better about my bike when I get some new parts swapped out and press on without the stress. I put about 230 miles on the broken spokes and our worn out tires, not to mention our breaks were shot and gears just a mess. We make it into Buchanan Bicycles. The “legit” shop we couldn’t find in any other town along the way. All these guys were chill and set a great vibe in the small cycling shop. Among the crew, Ryan offered us a place to crash and show us the town. One Rad dude that knows his cycling stuff. Even the huge road rash on his side proves my point, spilling in a circuit race days before. Grabbing some beer and kicking back for once, I can say it was much needed after yesterday. Ryan hooked us up with some spare tubes and one of his own tubs of powder mix. The mix will help us save cash on all the Gatorade and PowerAde we have been buying and still feed us all the electrolytes we need to survive the heat. Luck was on our side, good fortune continues.


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  1. SUBWAY! i think… keep it up bro!! can’t wait to see all the cool pics..

    06/18/2010 at 00:53

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