Blankets and pillows.

Day 35. | Norman OK. | End: Perry OK. | Mileage 1806.3

Waking up to the sound of the world cup blaring on a television in the other room, I rolled over to finish the half eaten candy bar from last night. Sometimes chocolate cravings hit without notice, just glad I was prepared this time.

Again I pack, stuffing the new laundry into the old bag and tossing my shoes into a plastic bag before it joins the rest. Poor shoes. Not even a few weeks old and they already have been dubbed the “swamp shoes.” Back in Florida, rain soaked and pressed for time, we would just toss the still damp shoes into the bag and ride. Adding heat to the mixture, the airtight bag would allow such a smell to fester. With every load of laundry, our shoes would join… now clean, the name still remains.
Thanking Ryan once more and snapping a pic before we left, we jumped back on Highway 77 and rode the wind current north once more. Hills were not a problem today with the seasonal southern wind at our back; we left Oklahoma City behind us and had Perry in our sights. Navigating the series of roads around the city on its east side, highway 77 suddenly dumped us onto the interstate. Confused and nervously checking both our GPS, we decided to go for it and take the first exit. Many are not aware of this fact, but bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited from entering an interstate or turnpike. We looked down the road, at each other, then hauled ass. Cars flying by at speeds well above the speed limit, we hugged the edge of the shoulder and made the exit. Dirk pointing back at traffic, we see a state trooper pass the very ground we covered. After a sigh of relief and laughs of madness, we continued down a service road until meeting up with 77 again. This is the moment were I spotted an odd wild turkey. It was just running into a fence with so much determination I couldn’t help but stare. This fence happened to be the only thing keeping this crazed turkey from running onto the busy interstate… poor suicidal turkey.
As the day grew hotter and hours piled up, the only things I could think of was were are we going to sleep, what kind of ice cream would be tasty and how much I home. When the mind moves faster than the bike I’m riding, I tend to grab the iPod and let the music take my focus. One of the many small towns we passed happened to be Orlando. No, not the same Orlando from back home, but a small town established in Oklahoma in the late 1800’s. We met some funny characters, learned there are only 6 stop signs in town and the cool spot to hang out was actually in another town.
Making it to Perry, Dirk calls Jim and Debbie. Let’s see if I can get this right, but I believe they happen to be Dirk’s mother’s husband’s brother’s wife’s cousin… making him a nephew of some sort. I am still confused, yet titles mean nothing in family. Jim and Debbie invited us in as strangers and we will leave as friends. So warm-hearted, I am thankful I had the chance to meet them. We talked into the night, showed off our awesome tan lines and caught the end of the NBA finals. With so many blankets and pillows… sleep never came so easy.


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  1. Sunny

    That looks yummy. Miss you x

    06/18/2010 at 16:21

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