…. Kansas.

Day 37. Wellington KS. | End: Newton KS. | Mileage 1943.2

Like they say… there is nothing in Kansas.
The area was filled with the sound of distant trains and the wind whipping through the tent. The night was long, spent updating the blog and tossing about. The morning chills came early and for the past couple weeks this phenomenon has been rare. Going to sleep sweating to only wake up mid morning freezing is a sleep killer. The sun came and rose fast, warming me up like a reptile as I sat basking. We jumped on the bikes and set off before the sun could find us again. Waves of heat distort the horizon, bending and rippling. With the wind at our back we cruzed. The only discomfort being that pocket of stagnant air as we rode, I could feel my skin just cook. The layer of sunscreen did little to help me against this opponent… I felt like a turkey in the oven. We made it into Newton by three o’clock, tired and beat we decided to find a motel and take the rest of the day off. It has been 8 days since we have had a day off. The road is taking a toll on us, making each other into short-fused firecrackers and blowing up at each other over minor problems. Long days and short nights, many miles still to go.


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