Head winds n hills

Day 44. Paxton NE. | End: Bridgeport NE. | Mileage 2462.2

A quiet morning, in and out we made trips into the garage to pack the bikes. I was waiting for Jessie all morning as she said she may want to ride with us for a little bit. As six turned to six thirty, then to seven, I was sad I had to leave a note saying we had to go. Dirk and I set off for the big day, 110 miles to next camp.
The day was already against us as we begun to move west. The sun on our back and the wind in our faces, opposing our every move, it was relentless. As we climbed the massive hills, the wind was there, driving us backwards. As we made a slight bend to the south, the wind was also there. It seemed no matter which direction the road took us, the wind just so happened to be there in our faces. It was a test of patience really, a game of hour-by-hour goals and filling the mind with different thoughts.
The landscape opened up and changed as we cleared the mass of hills and valleys. The Wild West I thought, watching the carved sand hills pass by. Little did I know we had been following the same path as many of first settlers traveled, making their way to the north Pacific. At this point we noticed this storm to the south, heads down we intend to beat it to town. Not a mile out of the last town before our destination and the storm kicked up a wind so strong a dust storm now brought us to our knees. With every inch, we got pushed back two. A couple gusts even stopped my bike, hopping a foot on the ground to keep balance. Inside town, we took shelter in the only building still open, gorging on gas station burritos.
After a day on the road, roasted and tired from the heat, we howl like a pack of wolves as we roll into town. Happy we made it and satisfied of our time, we set out to make camp.


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  1. you got me thinking about your nuts now… I hope they remain in tact. x

    06/29/2010 at 06:31

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