Finally rest.

Day 47. Glendo WY. | End: Casper WY. | Mileage 2679.7

As I sit here zombie-like and hungry, I can barely hold concentration. This TV in front of me has made a full loop in it’s Tuesday night programming. The wind is fierce outside as the building creeks and the wind slightly opens the back door. The trains making their run across town echoing throughout the night.
The day was long and last night, cold. I woke up this morning saying no more, I am not going to face another night of cold and restlessness discomfort. I will retire the jackets and pick up a sleeping bag, one of which I will need as we press more north. The road was brutal today. My knees wanted to quit, my legs just dead. It has been a long time since we have had a rest, a day to relax and a morning to sleep in. We met a fellow cyclist while taking a break on the road. Tom was another kind man that guided us down some better roads and even sped back into town to try and get us some free pizza coupons. Amazingly he found us again as we entered town in search of food. With a stack of pizza hut coupons, we were stoked, waving them around like dollar bills. Such nice people, all I can think of is how much my premise is coming together. A community as a whole can guide us to our finish, to accomplish one goal.

The heat once again got to me, got the better of both of us and drove a half-mile of distance between bikes. Frustrated and hungry, we finally made it into town toward a watering hole.
We planned to take an extra day to get our gear fixed, refuel and rest. Necessary if we plan on finishing this trip. As we set up camp we both took care of our business. I talked to my mom and dad and finally caught up with letting my where a about be known. I also needed that sleeping bag. So we made our way to the local sports shop and set out to find me some warmth. Having good conversation and finding my new sleeping bag, we headed to the long awaited taco bell. We have been searching for one ever since we started talking about the cheesy burritos a couple towns back. Nearly waiting half a hour for our orders, no exaggeration, we peeled out and headed home. Never would I eat so much TB again. One taco, a burrito, one chalupa and a quesadilla all sentenced to death.

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