Interstates and hospitality.

Day 46. Torrington WY. | End: Glendo WY. | Mileage 2602

Circling the parking lot of the campground, the sound of cars making their rounds. The sound of doors opening and closing with the sound of gravel thrown about as the cars make their get away, Dirk and I had an uneasy night.
We made a break for it in the morning. Putting as many miles from that town as possible. During the ride we would be followed by a number of trains making their way back to Wyoming, picking up loads of coal. The little towns were quite fun to see. Hanging with some locals at a bar, 10am I must remind you, we sat down and demanded a drink. It was a dark brew, not so much foam and over ice. The caffeine was a kick and I love my coca cola. We had a good time joking with the two nice old ladies in there, one was even on beer number two. Filling the waters, we pushed on into the heat. It would not be long before we stepped our game up, raise a level of our riding abilities. As we followed highway 26, it lead us on to interstate 25. No other way to go, the road funneled down to either a right or left. After some time at a rest stop chatting with a solo cyclist, we took the leap and did some interstate riding. Up and down these long hills, swinging back and forth on the banks, we hauled ass. Relative to our speed, we looked like we were standing still compared to the traffic whizzing by. Almost unfazed by the passing of huge trucks and wide load trailers, we pressed on in the heat of the day. To our left, the mountains rose into the deep blue sky. A reminder that we have come so far, but a larger reminder that we still needed to make it over them. I kept my eyes on them, dazed by the beauty of such a site, the size, the altitude; I cannot wait to meet them.
Legs so tired I can barely pedal as we make it to a small town off the interstate. The need for food was excruciating. At the only shop in town, we both grab some sweets, sodas, and munchies. We ate them as if we had been starving for days. Among the people whom said we were crazy or just liked our ambitions, we meet Matt and Loraine. Matt was a cool dude who looked as if he can whoop some ass, that or take the position of middle line backer in a pro game of football. He knew the road; he said he was on the move for four months, just him and his motorcycle. He knew and experienced life in a fashion much like ours. Giving us some cash and wishes for a safe ride, he took off. Loraine was a nice woman whom cooked us some great burgers just after she closed. Not only that, but she took care of the bill. We were so stoked we ran into so many nice people. How? I don’t know, but I ate that hamburger with god speed.
As we snapped some photos with our heroes of the day, we set out looking for our camp for the night. Now what I am about to say must not meet the ears of the state park rangers, thanks for a free night. For one, don’t close at 4pm. We made our way in, found a spot and faced the same problem as every large camping spot…. the kids, trash and pigs of people. Another couple reasons I am glad we didn’t pay the fee to enter. With no reception, no shower or running water and frustrated with all the little kids screaming their brains out, I set out for a walk. Having small bunnies run past and deer checking me out before hopping into the overgrowth, the walk did well for my frustration. I will fall asleep fast, trying to ignore the noobs outside.


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  1. Loving the photo. I can’t figure out which one is you. Ha ha. I think the one in the far right is you…Your hair has grown quite a bit and you are really tanned. Love you x

    06/30/2010 at 10:50

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