The naked bike

Day 48. Casper WY. | Rest Day. | Mileage 2679.7

I am a couple days away from being 50 days on the road, days that have felt like weeks. The many suns that have woken me, burnt me and left me in the dark. I can still remember the day we left, new to the game, oblivious. We have come along way from the days of just commuting around town. As I jump on my naked bike, the bags are off and light as a feather. Still a strange feeling not felt since the day we left for Gainesville.
Today was our day of rest, day of errands, day of repair. I tried to sleep in… oh man did I try. The alarm clock went off in my head like a train horn, full blast and relentless. Rolling over to fight the sun from my eyes, I gained another hour. As the sweat started beading down my back, I knew I couldn’t win. I slumped up and started my day at 8am.
The breakfast of champions, Mountain Dew and a blue berry muffin… don’t ask. I took advantage of our showers and just let the water wash the morning away. Never have I appreciated a shower so much until this trip.
We rode into down town Casper to replace our tires. Putting new shoes on the pony will speed them up, anything to help. As we walked into the store, my eyes were scanning the walls, mesmerized by the equipment. We snagged a mean sandwich from a local stand and headed back, laundry on the mind. I made a run to the mega of mega stores, the Wal-Mart, and packed with Marcus emergency snacks and drinks, I was set to leave. We spent the remainder of our time at camp, a nice RV park in the center of town. Talking with the girls and a fellow cyclist, the day ended with a chill atmosphere.


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