Off the beaten path.

Day 51. Crowheart WY. | End: Dubois WY. | Mileage 2879.6

The coldest morning yet as all I could see is the vapor from my breath. I roll over trying to forget what I have to do. Stumbling up and walking over to a picnic table, I grab the mountain dew I left out over night. All I was thinking as I drank the entire can first thing in the morning was… mountain cold, mountain dew. The frost from the night chilled it just right.
The winds seemed to die down a bit today, allowing us to press on without over exerting our selves again. Getting closer and closer to the mountain range, cold air dropped into the valley from atop the peaks. As we rounded one corner and cruised down into a canyon like terrain, I became excited and the day was looking good for a change.
We managed to make good time up and down fickle elevation. As we rolled over a giant hill, town was in sight and we let out a howl in celebration.
If there was a stereotypical mountain town, this was it. Everything was on the main street and made of logs cabins. The Wind River ran right through, snaking its way into the scenery and livelihood of the town. The coffee shop was great and the people friendly.
After our coffee we decided to camp here and rest up for the 9000+ ft. mountain pass. I jumped on the bike and pursued a trail into the countryside, a steep climb for nothing but road slicks for tires but manageable. This made the off road ride a little bit more dangerous and exciting. Many times flying down a hill, the back tire would lose grip and I would have to read the ground to pull the bike back in control, steering clear of loose gravel. Sure beats any off-roading I have done so far. Along with the fun and adrenaline-pumping ride, I packed my camera. I decided I was going to get the most epic shots I can and film as much as possible. The view was just amazing. I actually made two separate trips to the trail. Both at separate times of the day and both paid off in unique ways. I would find out many ways to set up my camera, such as piles rocks for a tripod.
As the sky turned red and purple, a dazzling display of art, the cold moved in and fast. With a quick shower and time spent trying to gain signal for the cell phone, I am left to just the WiFi and emails. I miss my family and all of whom I have not been able to call or text. I don t want them thinking I am hurt or something… but with the mountains and the expanse of wilderness out here, I think I will be out of reach for some time.


5 responses

  1. Mom

    I miss you very much ….. Am selfish and wish you were here at home but I know that you are having an incredible adventure that you will always relive in your thoughts.. Be safe …. Love you..

    07/06/2010 at 15:12

    • Thanks ma. Yea I will be home soon, just long enough to annoy everyone lol

      07/06/2010 at 22:29

  2. Beth Baxter

    Sasha turned her FB friends on to your incredible journey.Enjoy and take it all in.
    Stay safe….stay amazed 😉

    07/06/2010 at 11:21

  3. I miss you <3. Glad you are safe and a bear hasn't got you… yet. You better try to hide your bushy face. The bear might mistake you for a 'good time' 🙂

    07/04/2010 at 03:22

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