Mountain tops and Yellowstones.

Day 53. Teton WY. | End: Yellowstone WY. | Mileage 3000.9

The rapid motion of the car, the increased speed fueled my inability to maintain balance. Like a roller coaster, I hang on, gripping the armrests and sinking into the seat. The winding roads and mass of traffic doesn’t seem to help my situation. Being on a bike for so long, I am no longer used to vehicles and their speed 25 + mph. Motion sickness sets in and I will fall asleep to counter act the symptoms.
The Teton Mountains again amazed me as I woke up to a cold morning in the valley. Their peaks jolt into the blue sky, catching the cotton candy-like clouds as they pass. The lake at their base reflects the picture perfect image on a rippling media, grand and full of texture. We raced back south looking for photo opportunities, fighting the mass of cars for a spot on the shoulder.
The morning was full of sight seeing and enjoying the park. We stopped and ate breakfast, freshly prepared by Paul and Anschion, food that we are not too familiar with anymore. All around are bear signs and reminders that we are in the wild. Everything from food to soap and water bottles must be kept in bear boxes. An interesting fact that I learned is bears like to eat Chap Stick. Ha-ha.
As we moved on from one part of the park to the next, I laughed at how much a couple of bison can disrupt traffic. For one, I am glad we didn’t ride through the parks because of the lack of shoulders and the drivers are more concerned with the sights. A line of cars could be backed up for a mile, all-hanging out of windows, investigating. Even the slamming of breaks would throw everyone into frenzy, thinking something is ahead.
As we left the mountains of the Tetons behind us, we entered Yellowstone.


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