Goodbye for now.

Day 54. Yellowstone WY. | End: Gardiner MT. | Mileage 3059.6

Waking up in another campsite due north, the morning starts with the commotion of what sounds like a small town. The campground burst into life as the sun rose above the tree line. As far as you can see campers, RVs and the occasional bus or two crowded the area. Smoke from the campfires that burned the night before, rolled over the grounds and Mule deer run through the tents dazzling the tourists as they run to grab their cameras.
With the sun peaking through the window and nature calling, I hesitated to move. Not because it was cold outside or any sign of danger, if I had moved an inch I would have woken up the animals. Being that it was my turn to sleep on the floor, I shared the space with three dogs, crazy Jack, Annie the princes and Penny the old gal. Opening one eye, I saw Annie staring me down ready to go out and wee. I needed to wee, so I knew how she felt; yet I was lazy. Closing my eye, Jack then puts his nose in my face, wetting my cheek. The last straw was when old gal Penny got up from her bed and gave me the sad puppy eyes. We all then went out and started the morning.
The day was spent taking in more of the wonders Yellowstone had to offer. From the mountains to the rivers that flowed through the valleys, the canyons and the springs, everything was on a grand scale.
I was going crazy with the photos, filling up memory cards and uploading onto the hard-drive in between stops. I would like to spend a couple weeks with in this park. Even the thought of working a summer for the park crossed my mind quite a few times. To go hiking, fishing and partake in the fun nature provides would make the day for me, definitely a place to revisit later in my life.
After walking around the mineral springs and exploring the northwestern corner of the park, we stop for some ice at the north gate town. There we see a mass of people and a ranger truck parked in the street. A clear sign that meant something was near. As we approached the roundabout, I see in the grassy median lay a heard of elk. The enormous animals lazily ate the lush grass as they surround their barely visible young. A smart bunch of animals, knowing humans to only be annoying within the park, they would bring the herd into town to be protected from the wolves.
As the day was coming to an end we exited the park through the north gate. The giant arch stood as a proud symbol of the enormous park it represented and our goodbyes.
Up on a hill overlooking the town of Gardiner, the night ended after a few postcards were finished and a couple moments with the dogs outside. 

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