Family in Langley.


Day 70.
Langley BC.

Catching a ride into Langley, not the way of thumb but nonetheless with someone we didn’t know. The ride consisted of small questions, reading character and finding ground to stand. We had the pleasure of being picked up by Soyun, Sunny’s sister. Only once saying hi to her online during one of my many Skype conversations with Sunny, this was the first time meeting her.
Looking behind me only to find Dirk asleep, Soyun and I blasted some music. Instantly I knew she was good in my book, judging by her taste in music. Knowing most siblings hate what I am about to say, myself also receiving this phrase in the past, she reminded me a lot of her sister. Both sisters are careful with what they say and how they approach things. Me on the other hand, is the kind of person that runs into a firefight, guns blasting. Over the years I learned to refrain from speaking without thinking, keeping myself from looking like a dumbass and steering a conversation sour. I felt comfortable that night, chatting and jamming to music all the way into the driveway. Upon entering, the house dark and quiet, I looked at my watch again to realize the time. As the conversation faded to goodnights, I found it interesting to be in Sunny’s house without her.
The morning came with such speed, not even a dream to be had, it was so short. Like a zombie I stumbled into the living room to find Soyun were we left off last night. On her laptop, she smiled and we chatted some more. Fiddling with my camera and phone as we spoke, Dirk finally joined us as we sipped some coffee. Plans began to take shape and we would head into town to clear the list. Grabbing an extra shirt, shorts, some peanut butter and tortillas, I was set for the next few weeks. Soyun giggled as we explained the glory of peanut butter tortillas. Full of calories and protein, rolled in a neat fashion, ration food is what we called it. Food just in case something was to happen and we had no access to a store, we could eat and I could be happy.
With three passive people in a car, deciding where to eat was a challenge. Laughing, I would just recommend places I knew she found gross. Tacobell, McDonald’s, Burgerking, each time I uttered a suggestion I could see her cringe. Muaaahahaha, a silent laugh erupted. As we sat down inside Red Robin, our awesome shirts and tan lines scored us a few bucks off as the manager heard about our trip. I had a blast, treated to lunch and taken to Walmart, I couldn’t have been happier.
Upon returning home, the mood shifted as the maps and computers came out. We need to find a way up north. We have to reach our goal. Where to go next would effect our chances of success on our luck of finding rides. We searched and posted requests on rideshare networks, checked prices on buses, cars, boats and magic rocket packs. Nothing was screaming success. As Soyun would leave to work and return hours later, we remained in the same room, the same state of thought. Knowing everyone is behind us on this trip, so much more pressure lies on my shoulders, Alaska still in the distance.
With the only option open, a greyhound bus to Prince George we decided. As big towns and cities are hard to hitch rides out of, this small town would raise our chances and get us back on the road. Cracking open a beer and socializing with the family, the night slowed to a peaceful pace. A decision was made, we will be back on the road. No longer will we know what’s to come.


3 responses

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment, I resent your statement. I am nothing like Soyun!

    07/27/2010 at 06:34

  2. Welcome to the brighter side!

    07/24/2010 at 13:34

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