Quiet stars.


Day 71
Langley BC.
End: Prince George BC.

With this heavy bag on my back, one of which is awkwardly packed and cuts on the shoulders, all I can think of is putting it down. Wandering the streets of a new town on a Friday night looking for a place to sleep is never a happy experience. The art of stealth camping will be put to the test tonight, hiding from everyone is priority number one.
Waking up at 6:20 to catch a ride with Mr. and Mrs. Jun, I bounced up the minute the alarm screamed. I haven’t spoken to them much during our stay due to everyone’s work and sleep schedule. I felt bad and wanted to show as much respect as possible. Shuffling things around in the duffle bag, I packed in a hurry. I smelled an aluring sent from the kitchen but held my self from being rude and kept at my business until I was fully packed. Bag by the front door and ready for departure, I found the source of this tantalizing smell to be coming from the food Soyun was cooking. If I had a tail, it would be wagging for Soyun cooked and packed us food for the road. I couldn’t believe it and I wanted to hug the hell out of her.
Jumping into the truck, Dirk and I couldn’t stop talking. All four of us talked until we ended up in town. Hearing about their love of traveling and photography, I couldn’t have asked for more. Mr. Jun spoke about touring all the national parks in a small Volvo camper in the future and how amazing some of the parks were that he has already been to. I now know where Sunny gets her love of the arts and travel, making me feel jealous of all their past trips.
As the traffic thickened and the buildings began to cover the sky, I knew we were close to the station. Pulling into the terminal drop off, we said our good byes and I think I actually got a hug from both parents. I was happy to have met them and walk away knowing they may have liked me. A crazy thing, to meet the family of your girlfriend alone, without the support of her by your side. Hope I did okay.
With my last wave goodbye, I turned and walked into the bus station to face another problem. During the booking process last night, I somehow left Dirk’s name on the ticket but with all my info filled in. Nothing more than a quick fix, greyhound found it a good excuse to charged me 16.80$. Not to mention Dirk made the mistake of booking the wrong date, he too was charged the exact same fine. Not only were the bus tickets insanely high, with these unnecessary charges, no wonder people don’t take buses. We remained pissed off way into the ride out of town.
The hum of the engine, rhythmic in nature and quite soft, I began to dose off quickly. Not more than a handful of people were on board, making the ride more relaxing. Sprawling out over two seats, I found many ways to sleep and not get tossed about. As the 500 mile trip was divided into two, we had a good two and a half hour lay-over in the city of Kamloops.
During the ride the scenery was beautiful. I couldn’t believe the different terrain British Columbia had to offer. Not until traveling up to the northwestern region of north America did I ever think there was so much diversity within such a small area. A mountain ridge can literally control the climate of the land around it by changing the weather patterns. As my eyes were glued to the window, I was just itching to take over the bus and make every stop a photo opp. Then after rethinking this plot, I do look like a shoe bomber and it might look like an act of terrorism. I stayed put and just about shed a tear every time we sped past a beautiful landscape.
Waking up to the loud intercom, I staggered to my feet and grabbed all our belongings. A little after 11:30pm we arrived in Prince George. Cold and windy, it was an instant temperature shock after stepping off the bus. Dirk and I looked at each other and knew it was going to be an interesting night. Pushing open the double doors of the greyhound station, we entered a cold empty city. The sound of the wind against your eyes and the distant laughter of slightly intoxicated people walking home from the bar set the mood. Dark streets and the random shadowy figure three blocks down didn’t make us feel any better. Rounding the block, we scoped out possible places to sleep. Up on a giant hill over looking the town was a great spot. With only one entrance marked by a trail and sheltered by the woods behind us,a steep down hill in front was promising to hide us. Though looking around, a t-shirt, a couple cans and a wallets torn open dispersing all its contents was on the floor. Not even a word toward each other, we grabbed our bags and got out of there. Walking back to where we started, Pizza Hut became our spot to sleep. As there was just enough brush to hide us and a tree to make it dark, we pounced in when the streets were clear.
A pile of rocks, stabbing, jabbing, total opposite of temporpidic comfort. We somehow would fall asleep here, behind pizza hut and on top of rocks.


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