Day 79.
Whitehorse Yukon.

The long drive ended at Pat’s house, our couch surfing host for the night. Inviting us for some lemon water and toast, we talked into the early morning hours. The night came to an end again around 3am. As the sun began to rise, we all crawled into bed, sleep at last.
7:30 never came so fast. Jumping up to pack my sleeping bag and make it out the door, we couldn’t be late for Rita’s marathon After grabbing a couple pieces of toast and having a few words with Pat, we headed out the door in a hurry.
Rita, Dirk, the pups and I crammed back into the car we had spent hours in yesterday. Without a clue of the town’s roads and layout, we headed in blind, searching for the starting line. Minutes before the start, we pulled into the parking lot and she made her way to the registration desk. A new personal record she states, as it was only 4 minutes before they begun.”What about stretching?” Dirks asks as she walked away pinning her number to her shorts. She then answered “no… thats what the first few k’s are for.” We laughed.
The whistle blew and they were off. The tough terrain race was expected to last a few hours, giving us time to run some errands and explore the town of Whitehorse. As we were both just about mad with hunger, our first stop was TIM Hortons. A Panera type establishment that also served doughnuts. My girlfriend had been raving about the food since I stepped foot in Canada and was sad to hear I passed it up while in Vancouver. As I still had a couple bills of Canadian dollar left in my pocket and no intention of re-entering after getting into northern Alaska, I had to give it a try. I must say wow..GOOD!
We then found ourselves looking for WiFi connections and a place to wash our over ripe clothes. As Rita lent us the car while she ran, we had an easier time commuting and covering ground, relieved I didn’t have to walk. Pulling into the local laundry mat, errand number two was well on the way, relaxing as the cycle spun.
Keeping the dogs company, we rode around the town knocking out the list. When 3:40 rolled around, we jumped back into the car, driving to the park to watch Rita finish the race. A nice event for both people-watching and socializing, I had a great time. At just over four hours, Rita crossed the finish line as we screamed and cheered her on. While passing she waved and gestured for the camera, a crazy accomplishment on only a few hours of sleep. She was wipped out as she told us all about the trail and how she just kept her legs going. With a bottle of water and some food, we sat and relaxed. Napping in the sun, soft grass, light breeze. A very laid back day. Not an ounce of worry on my shoulders, a rare relief.
We would then return to Pat’s house where we ate some hotdogs and sausages from the fire, socializing into the twilight evening. The long days soon caught up and we retreated into bed before the sun had set. tomorrow would be a test to our new skill, or a test of the luck.

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