Danali National Fun.


Day 85.
Denali AK.

The blast of my phone startled me awake as I tore through the sleeping bag to silence it. Trying to keep quiet as the 7am creeks of the old house echo loud, I answered in a faint whisper. It was Sunny! I was happy she called and I didn’t just roll back over to sleep like usual. Tiptoeing out and down the stairs, I had a good time talking out on the porch. Catching up became our new topic as both of us continue our journeys.

Now getting ready to be done with her language classes in Nepal, Sunny was excited to leave for her placement, a new and refreshing atmosphere than Kathmandu. Volunteering as an Education Advisor, Sunny will be living and working in the western town of Dhangahi. As a region with few tourist visits, the true culture of Nepal will greet her. I am both happy and excited, she will experience some amazing things.

It is becoming a trend, waking up to the late morning sun. I returned to the warmth of the bed as Sunny and I said goodbye. Hours later I repeat a morning like the day prior, stumbling down the stairs to meet the guys, coffee and food. There was not much planned for the day, a day of relaxing and driving into town for a wedding. So we hopped in the vehicle and made our way into town, making a stop inside the park for some pictures. As we waited for the wedding to start, we walked the Glitter City board walk with some coffee and starved ourselves in anticipation of the food to come.

Not long after, we made our way through the crowd greeting everyone and meeting the groom. Dirk and I looked at each other a bit odd when Chris invited us, yet I couldn’t believe it. We were invited to an Alaskan Wedding, the odds of that. The friend of Chris whom  tied the knot, the town as witness, became emotional as they exchanged words. We then made it to the free food and drinks, digging in socializing. The wedding party was pretty cool. No dress code and it appeared to be just a large party with a cake. Everyone was casual and just there to hang out with the family.

The sun now rises as I’m driving the guys back to the cabin. It was a day of new friends and festivities. The chance to update is harder now that the night ends so late. Even as I pull out my phone during the day, no reception ends any possibility to connect. I seem to notice my writing becoming longer and more detailed. A difference from what my first couple posts consisted of. I am begining to like writing, another element to a photo, a story-line. Danali National Park.

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