Day 87.
Anchorage AK.

After the late morning start, Dirk and I both remembered the free breakfast we missed out on. I just laughed.

We made our way into downtown and into the closest post office. The only task of the day was to post our bags back to Helena in Juneau. An easier and less expensive route than waiting till we got home. As everything fit back into our trusty duffle bag, the two backpacks were bounded up and sent away. Leaving a small note of gratitude in the front pocket, I was still very touched that she lent us her bags without a second thought. As we exited the post office and walked down the streets, all I could think of was how much easier the backpacks made our trip. Without them, my shoulders would have been torn up from the weight and awkward position of the duffle bag. A bag that was the size of my torso.

Relaxing in the food court of the Anchorage mall, Dirk and I gorged in the abundance of food all around. Like the day couldn’t have been better, I  found a Hawaiian food chain called LnL. In heaven, we spent the day wandering book stores and retreating to the hotel for more TV. A lazy, much needed day of rest.

The entire trip began to flood my thoughts, tomorrow… home.

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