Day 88.
Anchorage AK.
End: 32,000ft

The constant hum of the engine, vibrating through my seat and into my ears. Occasional pockets of turbulence cause the wings to bounce, shaking the cabin.
I am left as one of the only passengers on board, conscious, unable to sleep. It isn’t that I am not tired, nor I can not get comfortable. Just the fact that I will be home soon, a place I have not seen in months.

I shall step foot into my house a day shy of 90. Days that have taken my mind and expanded it ten fold. Experience. Adventure. Growth. Three words that I always find to be true after a journey. This trip has proven to me that honesty and generosity still play a key roll in people’s lives. I have grown and developed, progressed through the duration of the trip. Sitting back, nothing but these thoughts and memories run through my head, reflecting.

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