My heart was about to rip out of my chest, beating so hard. I never felt such a deep feeling of sickness, unimaginable, sour.
While working on my photos and video, my hard drive with all the material on it fails. No panic at first, flipping it over and going through the manual. It wasn’t until I sat there for an hour pulling my hair out that I started to sweat. All I was thinking was what am I going to do… all those photos, my documentary… three months on the road, gone. I was scared.
Just as I was checking the internet for the third time for any information, it beeped. I looked at it, staring at the red light and the small LCD screen. “Select a Language.” My heart sank. I enter “English.” I waited.
As the icon appeared on the computer…. my heart was at it’s peak.
Opened, I gave a sigh of relief… wow
Tomorrow I will try to collect some money and purchase another back up HD. It’s worth more when you get to keep the files.

Posted a new page with a “SneakPeak” of what’s to come. Blog is getting an overhaul and updating.


One response

  1. My heart was beating while reading this. I really almost sweated !

    10/12/2013 at 00:57

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