Looks like I have run into some kind of problem.. It is now Monday, site never launched.

Beyond that, I have been applying to local art fairs and hoping I can begin to sell my work soon. It will be great as my Freelance has dropped quite a bit this year. New gear is also on my wish list and all I can do is cross my fingers and hope.

In the  commotion of everything that has been happening since I have returned from the trip, I forgot to announce a big surprise! Im going to NEPAL!
An idea I first thought was too farfetched to rest my hopes on, I held my breath and took the leap. I do have multiple concerns, mostly regarding money, yet I know I would rather be broke and live. Seeing Sunny will be bitter sweet, honestly. It always seems to be that way. We begin our countdown, so excited to see each other, but when we meet the happiness seems to shad us from the truth. A truth that we will soon again be parting ways…. looking forward to the next time we meet. I can not wait. It will be 6 months when I am finally able to hold her again. How we have grown.

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