2014 Super Moon


Officer Disco Strobe

Kellyco Desert Scout

During a test shoot/scout for @kellycodetector, we found ourselves on top of a massive hill littered with the remains of 19th century gold mines. Under the blistering desert sun and the sandblast of violent winds, these remnants are becoming rare. While firing frames into the dark like a late night disco, the strobes caught the eyes of a local police officer down the hill at about 400 yards off the deserted highway. I could only imagine what they thought as we froze and watched back, barely out of reach of the spot lights scanning frantically. Laying low for 15 minutes, the officer circled like a hungry lion, but too timid to approach. The night grew late and the stars above became tucked under a blanket of clouds. The officer gone, we made the drive down with success. Assistant: @artofgia