Florida to Alaska trek 2010

..pushing north Extended Trailer

Riders: Marcus Johannes
Dirk Badenhorst

A cross country journey from the United States most southern point, Key West Florida, to it’s most northern city, Fairbanks Alaska. Summer 2010

A trip that clocked more than 6000 miles over many different terrain. 89 Days on the road, countless new friends.

Director: Marcus Johannes
Music: Pedro Recio



Months gone with a short haircut.

GPS tracked.

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3,800+ Mi. Cycled.      22 Hr. Bused.      1,500+ Mi. Hitch-hiked.      2 Days Ferried.

Day 01 – Day 89

Day by Day Track


My heart was about to rip out of my chest, beating so hard. I never felt such a deep feeling of sickness, unimaginable, sour.
While working on my photos and video, my hard drive with all the material on it fails. No panic at first, flipping it over and going through the manual. It wasn’t until I sat there for an hour pulling my hair out that I started to sweat. All I was thinking was what am I going to do… all those photos, my documentary… three months on the road, gone. I was scared.
Just as I was checking the internet for the third time for any information, it beeped. I looked at it, staring at the red light and the small LCD screen. “Select a Language.” My heart sank. I enter “English.” I waited.
As the icon appeared on the computer…. my heart was at it’s peak.
Opened, I gave a sigh of relief… wow
Tomorrow I will try to collect some money and purchase another back up HD. It’s worth more when you get to keep the files.

Posted a new page with a “SneakPeak” of what’s to come. Blog is getting an overhaul and updating.



Day 89,
Anchorage AK.
End: Orlando FL.

Home at last. Need to sit down tomorrow and update the past few days.

I need to start collecting emails from all. I am now beginning  to process my photos and will be writing my film. I would like to let everyone know when I will be releasing my material and again thank you for your support. It has been a great trip and I am excited to jump into the editing room.

Thank you

-Marcus Johannes





Day 88.
Anchorage AK.
End: 32,000ft

The constant hum of the engine, vibrating through my seat and into my ears. Occasional pockets of turbulence cause the wings to bounce, shaking the cabin.
I am left as one of the only passengers on board, conscious, unable to sleep. It isn’t that I am not tired, nor I can not get comfortable. Just the fact that I will be home soon, a place I have not seen in months.

I shall step foot into my house a day shy of 90. Days that have taken my mind and expanded it ten fold. Experience. Adventure. Growth. Three words that I always find to be true after a journey. This trip has proven to me that honesty and generosity still play a key roll in people’s lives. I have grown and developed, progressed through the duration of the trip. Sitting back, nothing but these thoughts and memories run through my head, reflecting.



Day 87.
Anchorage AK.

After the late morning start, Dirk and I both remembered the free breakfast we missed out on. I just laughed.

We made our way into downtown and into the closest post office. The only task of the day was to post our bags back to Helena in Juneau. An easier and less expensive route than waiting till we got home. As everything fit back into our trusty duffle bag, the two backpacks were bounded up and sent away. Leaving a small note of gratitude in the front pocket, I was still very touched that she lent us her bags without a second thought. As we exited the post office and walked down the streets, all I could think of was how much easier the backpacks made our trip. Without them, my shoulders would have been torn up from the weight and awkward position of the duffle bag. A bag that was the size of my torso.

Relaxing in the food court of the Anchorage mall, Dirk and I gorged in the abundance of food all around. Like the day couldn’t have been better, I  found a Hawaiian food chain called LnL. In heaven, we spent the day wandering book stores and retreating to the hotel for more TV. A lazy, much needed day of rest.

The entire trip began to flood my thoughts, tomorrow… home.